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Winter in Beijing

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  Maybe autumn is the best season in Beijing because it decorates the ancient city with the red and golden colors that come from mother nature’s gifts to mankind. Large streams of tourists from both China and abroad come to appreciate the glamour Beijing toilers for each and every one who has a lovely autumn’s dream. As autumn ends its task, winter comes in and prepares a different gift to the city’s dwellers and guests.


  Snowfalls may not happen every day now since climate change changes the style of the ancient city. Smog still hovers over its head and seems never to be hoping to disperse to clean off the dust on every one’s mind. Yet, some snow did come a few days ago and chilled the city to its cold charm: a world of white blankets which purified the heart of the city as well as the outskirts of it.


  One of my colleagues has been to the Great Wall covered in snow and revealed the stories of the snowy fairy-tale-like kingdom to me: the rises and falls of the mountain ranges were extremely white, with trees looking like artworks sculpted by artists and the Great Wall sections looking like silver snakes meandering in and out of the mountains near and far in a naked eye. The purely white landscape just dazzles your eyes each and every moment, and you cannot help complimenting: “What a magical world!”



  But this warm-hearted gorgeousness cannot drive off the cold air that has already huddled at every corner of the city. When the fist snowfall gradually melted away, what Beijing sees now is but a dry and overcast atmosphere. Sometimes strong winds come to dishevel your hair and heart, and other times you just walk wearing a low-spirit mood because of the dust and the haze. It seems no fine arts can be detected during this time of the season, but maybe you are missing the hospitality of this warm winter because of your insensitive heart.


  No frosts or ice can be found here, and the rain falls as you walk, cycle, drive or take the bus from your nest to the company you work for. It is indeed the cold rain, probably accompanied by layers of fogs or mists, which give off a kind of magic and imagination if you can strip off the feelingless shell of your routine mood formed by the endless work and toils. This seems to be not in the mood of the winter but in the essence of the early spring. You cannot clearly discern the faraway view because of the fogs, you may also feel your ears become cold, you may find the world is still crowded as before, but you should know that this winter presents a gift that you shall not miss: The feeling of being yourself in the cold and misty atmosphere!


  Trees have become clean and wet, each path you pass through is fresh, the lawn outside your office building becomes more attractive, the fallen golden and red leaves scattering the streets and parks have turned into a magic wand that is still beautifying the land, the people you meet every morning and afternoon have changed their costumes to more artistic ones which you cannot encounter in other seasons, workers working arduously on the road just encourage us to become more optimistic, a young couple may be smiling to each other while walking hand in hand, and staying warmly indoors to read a book with all your mind and heart seems to be another art form many have forgotten.


  Beijing isn’t as cold as it was, and sometimes it may appear not worth your stay, but it has stood in the northern part of China for centuries and weathered all kinds of winters you and I have never experienced at all. It is full of magic and art during this chilly season. I think that is Beijing’s winter.


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