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Experiencing Royal Culture at the Summer Palace

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  In the morning of November 12th, 20 families were invited to the Summer Palace to experience the royal culture, visit theaters, dance sleeve dances, sing Beijing Opera and color face masks. Under the warmth of the first winter sun, 20 children and 20 adultsnot only experienced family affections, but also got close to Chinese culture in joy and felt the influence of traditional culture.

Experiencing Royal Culture at the Summer Palace


  "Think about why actors could make Empress Dowager Cixi sitting far away hear clearly without havingmicrophones?" opened byNational Science Ambassador -the Summer Palace instructor Shu Naiguang, it inspired children and adults’ curiosities so that everyone was visiting Dehe Garden carefully, walking and listening to explore the Garden’s acoustic secret.


  A father of an 8-year-old girl said thatduring the visit,not only did they see the exquisite ancient architecture, but also understood the history and culture of Peking opera.Now children have little chance to connect to traditional opera culture,let alone understand.Through this formation, it offers children more opportunities to understand the traditional culture of opera.

Experiencing Royal Culture at the Summer Palace


  “I’ve seen it before on TV, but touched it.” After the event, a little girl seemed unsatisfied and said her favorite section was “shaking longs sleeves”.

Experiencing Royal Culture at the Summer Palace


  Operatic face painting is the most popular activity to the children. Painting the facial masks with their parents while exploring the meanings of different characters represented by colors. after some effort and hardworking, some colorful and creative pieces of operatic faces and T-shirts were made.


  This event not only let many children learn knowledge of Peking Opera, but also the adults that came with. One parent said that before he did not understand, but now with this event, he had the chance to learn with the kid.

Experiencing Royal Culture at the Summer Palace


  It is said that the "Leaning onto National Essence" Peking Opera experience event is a series of activities of the Royal Culture Experience Tour.These activities are organized by the Summer Palace authority and supported by Haidian Tourism Commission. After this, the Summer Palace will continue to carry outeight themed, two series of activities called “wonderful ancient architectures” and “handy work and cherishing flowers”, using the Summer Palace as an effective carrier of the world cultural heritage,mainly for primary and secondary students to “see, listen and understand” easily so that children will be able to feel the charm of the Chinese traditional culture in happiness.


  Background information:


  Dehe Garden was built in the Emperor Guangxu seventeen years (1891),is a group of large-scaleconstruction of palace theater, including Yile Palace, Grand theater House and other 24buildings. The Opera House is inthe first-entry yard of Dehe Garden, and it is not only one of the Three Qing Dynasty Chinese Opera Houses, but also the most complete preservation, the largest-scale ancient theater house.

Experiencing Royal Culture at the Summer Palace


  The Grand Theater House is consisted with 2-storey theaterand 3-storey theater stage, covers an area of ​​385 square meters,22 meters’heightequivalent to 7-storey building. The stage also has flapping mechanism, high pressure water machine and others. Gods coming from heaven, ghosts coming from the ground is breathtaking and spectacular.


  Dehe Garden Opera House isthe main place of late Qing Dynasty drama activities,witnessed the drama peak in late Qing Dynastywith high cultural, scientific and social value.

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