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Zhongguancun to Construct Double-Ecology Park

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  A forum on constructing a "double-ecology park" was recently held in Beijing by the Zhongguancun 768 Creative Industry Park. Government officials and representatives of technological enterprises attended the event.


  Li Deyou, secretary of the party committee of the Beijing Dahua Radia Instrument Factory, said constructing an industrial ecology can help increase communication, sharing and cooperation among upstream and downstream enterprises.


  In terms of natural ecology, Li Deyou suggested that it is not simply a green project. Instead, the park needs to take advantage of its own natural ecological design and building resources to realize the transformation and upgrading of the park.



  The 768 Creative Industry Park was built in November, 2009 on the base of the Beijing Dahua Radia Instrument Factory -- one of the earliest microwave measurement instrument manufacturers, set in an old industrial factory area.


  The park focuses on creative design, cultural design, Internet plus and intelligent manufacturing and is intended to develop into a double-ecological park -- industrial ecology and natural ecology.


  The 768 Creative Industry Park has formed six initial industrial clusters and attracted more than 150 enterprises to settle relying on its industrial ecological construction, 20 of which are high-technological companies owning 139 patents.


  These innovative steps will help the park to form an industrial cluster and set an example of building a double-ecological park for other industrial areas in Haidian District.

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