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How to Choose a Right Smog-proof Mask?

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  Many Beijing citizens choose to wear a mask during an outing in recent days when heavy smog lingers in Beijing. Experts said wearing rightly a mask is one of the important methods to defend PM2.5. But how to choose a right mask and how to wear it in a right way? Experts from the Beijing’s CDC give their advisories.

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  How to choose rightly?


  Expert said, firstly a mouth muffle shall be bought from a certified channel, and secondly its protection level shall match a pollution. Protection level of a mouth muffle is classified into A, B, C, D from the highest to the lowest. A level-A mask is for heavy pollution use when the PM2.5 concentration is above 500 microgram per cubic meter. A level-D mask is prepared for medium and low air pollution.


  Following the instruction and trying it on to check whether a mask perfectly fits on your face is the third step.


  Protection level of a mask


  Level D: designed for defend medium air pollution (PM2.5 concentration ≤150 microgram/cubic meter)


  Level C: designed for defend heavy air pollution (PM2.5 concentration ≤250 microgram/cubic meter)


  Level B: designed for defend severely heavy air pollution (PM2.5 concentration ≤350 microgram/cubic meter)


  Level A: designed for air pollution with its PM2.5 concentration ≤500 microgram/cubic meter


  How to wear rightly?


  Experts suggest to follow its instruction when wearing a mask, to make it perfectly cover the nose, mouth and jaw; those with a heart or respiratory disease (like asthma, emphysema) or feeling dizzy or hard to breath or too sensitive of their skin are not recommended to wear a mask, they should reduce outdoor activities at their best; Experts also suggest not to wear a mask with an unsuitable higher protection level when cycling or doing any sport for the sake of possible difficulty in breathing.


  In general, a long-time wearing a mask with high breathing resistance harms health, which is thus not recommended.


  Health tips


  The Beijing CDC reminds citizen of following the tips below when an air pollution red alert is in effect.


  1. Children, elderly, patients of heart or respiratory diseases and other vulnerable population should reduce their outdoor time as mush as possible.


  2. Wearing a mask if you have to go out to the open air.


  3. Don’t even think about firecrackers or barbecue in open air.


  4. Wash your face and rinse your month and take off your coat as soon as you get home.


  5. Keep windows shut and control any activity that may result in an air quality drop in the house like shorten your cooking and smoking time.


  6. Keep the door close and ventilator on during cooking. Keep the ventilator on for five more minutes after you finish cooking. Do your best to avoid frying. Choose light diet and drink more water.


  7 Keep your air cleaner on at home during haze days, and replace its filter timely.


  8 Open your widows for ventilation when the smog is gone.


  9. Take public transport for sake of energy saving and pollution reduction.


  10. Avoid large gatherings and places of dirty air and pay attention to personal hygiene.

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