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Ice Rink on Kunming Lake Opens to Public

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  The Summer Palace perfectly combines the royal garden, natural ice rink, ice play and sightseeing. Specific play items are ice bikes, ice bumper cars, ice boats and ice slides, etc., it allows you to feel the magnificence of the palace in winter from a new perspective, to embrace the excitingof snow and ice comingat your face.Ice items are ice cars, single and dual.It is a new item.There is also ice bike, ice electric cars.This ice games bring back memories of childhood.


  700,000 square meters of the ice rink around the Royal Garden allows you to see the panoramic view. Tourists take the ice car riding on wide ice of Kunming Lake and see the rise of the West Hill. Tourists can fully feel the vivid views of the garden while inside.



  There are 6 entrances and exits in the Summer Palace,which are in Zhichun Pavilion, Paiyun Hall, Yudai Bridge, Nanhu Island, Copper Bull and south of Seventeen Hole Bridge scattering in the east, south, west and north four directions of the Summer Palace. It is convenient for tourist to come each way. The ice rink has single ice bike, double bikes, electric bumper cars, electric ice boats, electric ice dogs, electric cars and other ice entertainment items. Visitors can rent and return ice recreation facilities at any entrance.


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