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Ice Rink on Kunming Lake Opens to Public

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  To ensure safety, ice rink sets 30 security inspectors and emergency teams, equipped with bleeding stickers, bandages and simple ambulance drugs.The daily ice rink check is divided into time periods to measure the thickness of the ice surface.After the opening day, it also be cleaned and maintained.


  From historical records, the beginning of Qing Dynasty,the Royal family had tradition of ice playing.In the 80s of last century,the Summer Palace opened a rink,but because of the relatively open waters of Kunming Lake, the maintenance and management were becoming too difficult. It closed down in the late 90s’.



  Time: December 21, 2016 - February 3, 2017


  Location: The Summer Palace


  Theme: Meet in the Summer Palace, complete a Winter Olympic dream


  Tickets: 20 yuan (off-season), sometimes with discount tickets


  Joint Ticket: 50 yuan (off-season)

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