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9 Tips for Visiting the Summer Palace

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  Tip # 02: How to get to Summer Palace


  Subway Line


  1. Subway Line 4:


  Take subway line 4 to the northest direction and get off at the last but one of Beigongmen (北宫门) and exit from Exit D and walk to the west, soon you will see the north gate ( Beigongmen Gate )to Summer Palace 颐和园 (entrance fee:RMB30) on your left side.


  2. Subway Line 10


  Take subway line 10 to Bagou station at the end of Line 10, and then get a taxi from outside the station to the New Palace Gate (新建宫门). Or you may just walk for about 1.5km from Bagou Station to the New Palace Gate. Get off Bagou Station, follow your nose, you will meet a river, then turn right and walk along the river bank till the New Palace Gate of Summer Palace. If confused upon which way to go upon leaving the subway, just follow the crowd.


  Public Bus


  Buses via the East Gate of the Summer Palace (颐和园正门, 东宫门)


  Bus 330、331、332、346、394、712、718、726、732、737、801、808、817、826


  Buses via the North Gate of the Summer Palace (北宫门)


  Bus 303、330、331、346、375、384、393、634、716、718、737、801、808、817、834、Express 5


  Buses via the South Gate of the Summer Palace (新建宫门)


  Bus 374、437、481、952、704、992


  Taxi Fare


  A taxi from Beijing city center will cost about RMB 80 and take about 50 minutes without much traffic. As you finish your tour and exit, you will find some taxi drviers are reluctant or even refuse to use the meter, only do a set rate, and most don’t want to go all the way back to Beijing at all, so this can be troublesome.

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