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9 Tips for Visiting the Summer Palace

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  Tip # 03: Buy a correct entrance ticket


  There are two kinds of tickets – Entrance ticket for the garden-like complex and through ticket both for the complex itself also attractions inside the Summer Palace complex.


  The ticket prices are divided onto two categories – Low Season ad Peak Season.




  1. You are advised to buy entrance tickets instead of through tickets.


  2. Once you enter the park of Summer Palace and are also interested in some of the paid attractions inside the park, you may purchase a separate admission ticket one by one.


  3. Students enjoy half prices.


  4. Children under 1.2m high are free of charge.


  Tip # 04: English speaking tour guides in Summer Palace


  As for English speaking tour guides in Summer Palace, you have the following three choices:


  1. Hire the official tour guides attached to Summer Palace at East Palace Gate (the main gate) 东宫门.


  2. Hire recorded audio guides at any of the four gates of Summer Palace. You can return the audio guide at any gates.


  3. There are some self-employed English speaking tour guides by the entrance gates who will actively come up to you and ask you to buy their service. Not advised to use their service.

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