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9 Tips for Visiting the Summer Palace

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  Tip # 07: Prepare for a 2-3-hour outdoor sightseeing


  Visiting Summer Palace needs some a little bit strong legs with a lot walking since Summer Palace is huge. Dress for the Hot or cold weather. The summer in Beijing could be humid and closed, simetimes extremely hot.


  Also winter could be very cold. So well prepared for the uncomfortable weather both in winter and summer. You are advised to wear your most comfortable shoes. It’s a long walk! Food choice in the complex is poor – typical fast food and snacks. So bring your own.


  Tip # 08: Get to know the official notice to the visitors


  1. No visitors are allowed to cross, climb, smoke, swim, skate, fish, spit, foul and litter and so on.


  2. No visitors are allowed to camp, cook, fish, capture animals and dig plants inside.


  3. No visitors are allowed to paint and carve on the buildings, ground, stone, facility and tree, and to pick the flowers and spoil the lawn and trees.


  4. The north of pavilion of Wenchang and the east of Jiehu Bridge are fist-level fire-proof non-smoking


  5. Expect for hand-powered wheelchairs and baby carriers used by the aged, the disabled, and children, any other vehicle are not allowed to enter without any permission.


  6. The professional camera equipments are not allowed to use inside without any permission.


  7. Without any permission, don’t perform, sing and make a noise so as to influence and disturb other visitors.


  8. The tour guides inside must have guide qualification.


  Tip # 09: Opening Time:


  High Season (From April 1 to Oct. 31)


  Open: 6:30


  Tickets stop selling at 18:00;


  Close: 20:00


  Low Season (From Nov. 1 to Mar. 31 next year)


  Open: 7:00


  Tickets stop selling at 17:00;


  Close: 19:00


  After the tickets stop selling, the visitors are not allowed to enter, and to leave on time.

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