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Tasting New Beijing Cuisine at Hua’s Restaurant

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  There is a “New Beijing Cuisine” restaurant, located in 17thCuiwei Road in Haidian District. That is the famous heritage of family Hua---Hua’s Restaurant.


  Hua’s Restaurant is adjacent to Chang An Avenue. It is based on Beijing cuisine, absorbing different dietetic habits and traits, making it not only suitable for local Beijingness, but also satisfying to people other than the locals.

Tasting Authentic New Beijing Cuisine at Hua’s Restaurant


  The restaurant offers limited parking space, so it is highly recommended that you park somewhere nearby and walk there during rush hours.


  Today, I am going to introduce two highly- welcomed-by-eaters’ dishes in Hua’s Restaurant: Peking Duck and crayfish.


  The slogan “the Peking Duck from Qing Dynasty, Emperor Yong zheng” is never exaggerating. Instead, it uses the script from< imperial mead copy> as the basis, improves by people’s choice nowadays, not only adhering to the tradition, also making breakthroughs on sauces and side dishes.


  Firstly, the green onion is removed. Traditional Peking Duck has green onion for side dish to eliminate the fishy smell. But it creates bad breath. Hua’s Restaurant can have both. Japanese green mustard is used not only to remove the smell, maintain fresh breath, also enhance the flavor of the dish. The side dish offers much more than traditional way, like: cucumber, pineapple, cantaloupe, Beijing cake, heart-beauty radish, lettuce .... In addition to the traditional roast duck, it is less greasy and meets modern health needs.

Tasting Authentic New Beijing Cuisine at Hua’s Restaurant

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