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Tasting New Beijing Cuisine at Hua’s Restaurant

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  The crayfish in Hua’s Restaurant are every fresh, they all come from Baiyang Lake in Xuyi. In Sept. 2012, the restaurant held an event “clean crayfish press conference”, stating the process from fishing to serving. It only takes few hours making the flavor the best.


  There are various ways of cooking crayfish, including spicy, salt water, 13 flavored, dry stir and garlic five classic methods. This year, green incense pepper, milk bakedonion grilled, and Korean kimchi fashion are launched. Because of this, it is well graded and recommended by gourmet festivals. the famous basket player Marbury is also a faithful fan.

Tasting Authentic New Beijing Cuisine at Hua’s Restaurant


  Looking at the pot of delicious and pollution-free crayfish on the table, I can’t stay calm anymore!


  In addition to Peking Duck and crayfish, there are many other dishes that are constantly ordered by eaters, such as dry frying meatballs,three yellow chicken, brittle bones lion head meatballs, Hua’s cold dish platter, Radish and lamb chopsstew, Maoxuewang.


  Now that the Spring Festival is coming, is it wonderful to meet a couple of friends, sitting around the table, enjoying the delicious crayfish and talking about the past in the restaurant?


  Opening hours: 11:00 - the next day 02:00


  Address: No. 17 Cuiwei Road, Haidian District, Beijing


  Price: about 100 yuan per capita


  Transportation route: Bus No.32,33,64,68,76,77,89,308,337,370,373,436,451,624,728, Yuntong 120 to Cuiwei intersection stop


  Tel: 010-59798600

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