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Up inside the CCTV Tower, Discovering A Different Beijing

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  Being used to the heavy traffic in Beijing city, when you climb up to the China Central Television Tower (CCTV Tower), from a different angle you might discover a different beauty of this city.


  You won’t feel strange when it comes to the CCTV Tower, which is the fourth tallest tower in China, it’s next only to the Canton Tower, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Tianjin Radio and TV Tower.

beijing cctv tower


  As a local Beijinger, honestly speaking, I’ve never been to the CCTV Tower. Boxiao Wu, a Chinese writer, wrote an article titled“ I’ve Never Seen the Great Wall”, for me it will be like: I’ve seen the CCTV Tower but never been to it. I’ve always thought of paying a visit, however, I’ve always failed to due to various reasons. This morning when I opened up the windows, wow, blue skies caught my eye immediately. A sudden idea crossed my mind: I’m so going inside of the CCTV Tower!


  Beijing’s subway system is pretty convenient. Firstly I took the subway route #10 to the Xidiaoyutai Station, and secondly I took the bus route #40, after two stations I reached the destination. At the end of this article I have offered a more specific route guide for you to figure out which works best for your own departure locations.


  I used to see the CCTV Tower from a distance, today for the first time I stood at the foot of it with an instant feeling: Wow, what a tall tower!


  Before following me inside the tower, you might as well know about the following places which I consider mostly worthy of being visited.


  The CCTV Tower is 405 meters tall, beneath the tower is the Tai Ping Yang Andover Underwater World Exhibition. At the height of 221 meters is a sight-seeing revolving restaurant, at heights of 225 meters and 238 meters are Central Radio and TV Culture Hall and an open-air observatory in sequence.


  Skipping both the Underwater World Exhibition and revolving restaurant, I stepped right into the Central Radio and TV Culture Hall at the 225 meters’height.

beijing cctv tower


  The Hall has a circular layout, in which there are some souvenir shops and especially a simulated news studio table for tourists to take photos with. What interested me was the Sky Post Office in the picture below. Tourists can send out postcards here with both the postmark of CCTV Tower and the datemark. To receive such a postcard from”the high sky”would be very memorable.

beijing cctv tower

The Imperial Gardens