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A Stroll in Purple Bamboo Park, A Taste of Leisure Life

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  When someone mentions the Purple Bamboo Park, your first impression might be those elderly people doing morning exercise. Perhaps you don’t know that it used to be Chinese emperors’ temporary dwelling place and monastery. Now please follow me into the park!

Purple Bamboo Park


  Before entering the park, let me talk about how it got the name “Purple Bamboo”.


  As far as I know, in the northwestern side of the park, there stood an imperial temple called “Purple Bamboo Temple in Bliss”,afterwards the government named the park after it. According to some historic records, the history of “Purple Bamboo Temple” could be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty, in both Ming and Qing Dynasties the temple was also the place where the imperial family took a rest and waited to transfer boats during their boat trip to the Western Hills. In the northeastern side of the park, an ancient stone wharf has been preserved up till now.

Purple Bamboo Park


  Nowadays this Purple Bamboo Park has become the first choice when residents nearby need to find a place for doing exercise. You can see people strolling or jogging down a pedestrian path, or ladies dancing together, or gentlemen singing loud, sometimes even ladies reading poems passionately and an old guy playing the erhu alone by the lake. Anyway you can feel the fun of life everywhere in the park.


  Every morning in the park, there’ll be a spectacular scene of many strollers doing different kinds of exercises along the pedestrian paths. The water area covers about one third of the park’s whole area, forming a basic layout consisting of 3 lakes, 2 islands, 1 dike, 1 river and 1 water channel, landscaped with groves of bamboos as the main feature. You may feast your eyes on surrounding beautiful views while walking around the park, it’s totally like “Getting the Best of Both Worlds”.

Purple Bamboo Park

The Imperial Gardens