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A Stroll in Purple Bamboo Park, A Taste of Leisure Life

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  I have a kind reminder: Remember to stretch fully every joint of your body before walking fast and vigorously. After you finish, do not take a rest immediately, just take 10 more minutes to stretch the lumbar and hip muscles in order for your metabolic waste to discharge properly.


  Still remember the “Purple Bamboo Temple in Bliss” that I mentioned earlier? Now the temple still stands in the northwestern side where it used to be, it’s accessible down the pedestrian path on the right from the east entrance gate. In 1990, it was invaded and ransacked by the Eight-Nation Alliance. In Nov, 2010, on the basis of previous archaeological excavation, official restoration project got launched, the whole work completed in Aug, 2012.

Purple Bamboo Park


  The restored “Purple Bamboo Temple in Bliss” is comprised of 2 major constituent parts, one is a dwelling palace called Xinggong, the other is a monastery called Chanyuan, important constructions are Favor-returning House, Front Hall, Covered Corridor, East and West North-facing Houses, etc..


  How do you like it so far? The Purple Bamboo Park, with such a profound cultural background and long history, is right here waiting for you. Just a pick a day to experience the fun and leisure for yourself!

Purple Bamboo Park


  Opening Hours: 6:00-20:00 (Winter); 6:30-21:00 (Summer)


  Ticket Price: For Free


  Address: #35, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing


  Traffic Routes: subway route #4, #9 to the Station of National Library of China, or bus route #332, 653, express bus route #105 to the Station of National Library of China


  Tel: 010-88412894

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