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Chinese History

  • Social Structure in Qing Dynasty

    2017-01-13 21:37:53

    The Qing Dynasty reign was strict about its social structure which dictated who has power over whom. This often led to abuses of power and plots to take down those who ruled over the people.

  • The Qing Dynasty And Their Reign Marks

    2017-01-09 16:59:49

    During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the problem of identity, of the balance between ancestral heritage and Chinese culture, was gradually resolved.

  • Beijing’s Summer Palace Destroyed in 1860

    2017-01-06 14:47:16

    British troops occupying Peking, China, loot and then burn the Yuanmingyuan, the fabulous summer residence built by the Manchu emperors in the 18th century.

  • Clothing and Headgears of China's Qing Dynasty

    2016-12-26 11:01:13

    During China's Qing Dynasty, clothing was not just worn for decoration, warmth and modesty, but it was also used to let people know a person’s rank in the complex society.

  • Military Power in Chinese Qing Dynasty

    2016-12-26 10:56:41

    Though there were long stretches of peace and prosperity, the Qing Dynasty military was renowned for its ferocity and discipline during the empire’s nearly 300-year reign.

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