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  • Culture Tour

    Haidian District was first built in the Yuan Dynasty and became one of the eight major business areas of the capital during the Qing Dynasty and was the seat of such old shops as Lotus White, Quanjude and Hongbin House. The famed Old Summer Palace and Summer Palace, two grand imperial gardens are also among its reputed features.

  • Science&Education Tour

    Haidian District has comprehensive science, education and tourism resources. Its advanced science and education attract talent to top institutions like the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking and Tsinghua universities. As a center of education, culture and science innovation, Haidian is the birthplace of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.

  • Beijing Life Style

    The modern Beijing has experienced about ten generation of operation, which had numerous illustrious Emperor City's sight and the world's largest imperial Palaces. What you see and feel in Haidian District is not only the ancient empire's majestic solemnity, but also the modern city's trendy downtown, high-speed convenient. And the strong modern breath is blowing on your face when setting foot in Beijing.

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