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    • Sub-Parks丨Shijingshan Park

      Distinctive for cultural and creative industries, Shijingshan Park joined the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park upon the examination and approval of the Chinese National Development and Reform ...

    • Sub-Parks丨Yizhuang Park

      In June 1999, the Yizhuang Science and Technology Park of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park was established.

    • Sub-Parks丨Fengtai Science and Technology Park

      Fengtai Science and Technology Park was established in November 1991 with the approval of the Beijing Municipal People's Government.

    • Sub-Parks丨Daxing Biomedicine Industrial Base

      Daxing Biomedicine Industrial Base is a biotechnology industrialization base built by the Beijing Municipal Government to revitalize its modern manufacturing industry.

    • Sub-Parks丨Xicheng Park (Financial Street)

      Located in the north of Xicheng district, which plays an important administrative function of the capital, Xicheng Park serves as an area where S&T is developed, and for cultural and creative industri...


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